Native vs Hybrid

Again this issue, how much can it be?

There are thousands of articles written on the subject, every article with a different opinion, with different tips, with different proofs, even after you have spent hours reading and watching videos and you really really understand what the differences are, what the advantages and disadvantages, at the end of the day everyone remains with the same question, What’s better for me?

I’m really not going to put you back in a long article of what the differences are, let’s assume you have at least a basic knowledge, and if you do not, just run Google the name of this article, you will come back here after a few hours…

So, go back to the main question “What’s good for me?”

The answer to this question is not so complex, you just have to ask yourself a few small questions to get to the property.

Why do I need an app?
What content is my app designed for? (Game, news, social networking, etc.)
At what stage of my business life is currently?
What budget do I have to build the app?
When should the app be ready? (If there is a deadline, it is recommended that there be one)

Instead of explaining all the possible variations based on the answers to these questions, we will do something much simpler, answer these five golden questions and send us the answers, you do not have to give us the company name or detailed characterization, just answer five questions, To give you the most detailed explanation you can have so that finally, you will understand what you really need.

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