Development with Swiego

Software development with us means that we are committed to service and quality above all! We built dozens of sites and developed applications, we have the experience and the knowledge to build for you the system you always wanted quality without compromise. We accompany you from the beginning until the product rises in the air, we give our knowledge and experience to prevent you from making mistakes on the way.

Our professional expertise

In any route you choose, whether it’s product development from scratch to launch or a dedicated team system, we’ll be there for you 24/7.

Web Development

We at Swiego are building sites and systems. It does not matter if it's an promotional site or complex CRM systems. We built it in high quality with the best platforms!

Resonsive sites

In today's age your site must be responsive! According to a research that examined 80% of surfers, they surf through Smart Phone. We at swiego do it the best way with a high user experience so that no surfer will want to abandon your site!

Website development

Website development is important but even more important to know how to build it, we build sites in modern languages ​​like Angular 4, react and more ... We know how to customize the best language for your site so that the site performance is perfect!

application development

Application development is the hot thing today! From small businesses to giant companies. We will tailor the solution you need, whether it is a native application or a hybrid application, we have rich experience in developing mobile applications of all kinds.

trading systems and online stores

Today there are quite a few businesses and companies that have developed an online store and trading sites and we know how to do it best with advanced analytics and even increase your profits only from our sophisticated algorithm!

Website and applications design

One of the most important things in the development is the design, we at swiego emphasize the user experience and special design so that users will not want to leave your site / app!

Agile process

  • 1 List of needs
    At the initial stage, what we need is the list of your needs from the system including a general explanation of the zoning system
  • 2 Product Characterization
    Once we understand your needs from the system, we come to a meeting with you and feature the system together for small details so that everything will be understood and ready to get started. Product characterization is one of the most important processes in the development process!
  • 3 Product design
    After we have the characterization we can start to design. We make sketches that will make you feel that you already have a site. You can give comments and changes until we reach the final result.
  • 4 Product development and coding
    At this stage we activate our magic and turn everything that is recorded in characterization into a visual product. At this stage we are in constant contact with you and keep you updated.
  • 5 QA testing
    After completing the development, we check that the entire system is built to the best possible and without any problems. If there are errors or problems in the system, we return it to the previous stage of construction and encoding to handle the problems found in the automation test.
  • 6 Uploading the product
    To this stage we waited and expected, your product is ready! But even here we are still with you, we continue to accompany you and see that the product works best and exactly as you wanted.

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