In the past year everyone has been talking about Bitcoin, the virtual currency that drives the world economy crazy and engenders new millionaires at any moment, but together with it brings technology that is already considered the next hot thing in the technological, financial, business and even medical fields. Readers – Blockchain. If you want to understand exactly what Lockcaine is, then it can be said that it is a technology that allows you to perform transactions securely between several different parties directly and without a factor that manages the deals and cuts them one coupon or another. The administrator replaces encrypted information that is stored in a distributed data structure. Let’s go back to Bitcoin for a moment, which most of us already know and understand better how this technology is implemented.
Bitcoin was born a little after the big crisis in 2008, just then the world realized that the world economy can not be relied upon as we have become accustomed to and needs change. The currency suffers from extreme fluctuations but continues to accumulate value, as of the moment of writing this article the value stands at $ 14,000 after only 7 days ago it stood at $ 20,000. Unlike the money we know, which depends on central banks and world governments, Bitcoin is an independent currency that accumulates value according to its demand. What the Blockkin technology allows in Bitcoin’s case is the creation of a “digital wallet” and the transfer of Bitcoin from one wallet to the wallet in an encrypted way, without the possibility of tracking (as of the writing of this article). You will not be surprised to discover that the first to use this technology were hackers.Right now, some companies are embracing the blockbuster and are looking for ways to assimilate the concept in the organization. Some of them do so with a real need to encrypt the information they manage, some out of a desire to understand that they do not need to shoot at targets. The blockachine is probably the next thing in the financial / technological world, if the world knows how to deal with it and Bitcoin is our test now. The banks and the credit companies that are now exploiting customers to cut commissions from a place of power and control will find a bone in a competition they have never known before, and if they do not know how to join the party, they will find themselves again in 2008.

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