What is outsourcing?

Many people have recently asked what outsourcing is ?! This is why we decided to open this community, in order to provide a solution and knowledge to people who want to start a startup / develop a system
But the financial costs make it difficult for them to do so.
Outsourcing Heine is a modern management method, which is based on the idea of removing from the organization the operations of activities that are not at its core, and transferring them to the contractor in order to keep the core activities in direct operation and management.
This method enables the organization to focus on its area of expertise, to invest most of the resources in it and to maintain an effective control over its manufacturing divisions.

The main reasons for outsourcing are:

1. The company focuses on sales and marketing, not on development, because of lack of time or lack of manpower.

2. Specialization of outsourcing company in particular technology that we need.

3. Reducing the cost of development: In order to reduce costs, outsourcing will usually cross the borders of the country. Today, we see a lot of companies transferring the development to companies in India and Ukraine, where there is a relatively cheap and quality work force, but quite a few problems arise in work overseas and we will expand on this next article.

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